"10.000 VIP"

After 10.000 VIP "IT business cards" are sold out,
the accounts that bought the VIP "IT business card" will be assigned VIP statuses.

Distribution of 25% of income will begin:

1st day of each month 25% of the company's turnover for the previous month
will be distributed in 10,000 pieces and credited to VIP accounts.

The number of premium "VIP" accounts is limited, there are only 10,000 of them.


[?] How the " 10.000 VIP" Promotion works

1 PC. "IT business card" at the "VIP" rate

You get
1.1pc. "VIP" IT Business Card.
2. Accruals on an infinite binar + 50% from a pair.
3. Your account is assigned the "VIP" status with monthly charges


!!! Attention !!!
Promo codes do not participate in the "10.000 VIP" program; to activate the VIP, you need to pay with money from the payment system.

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