Each user of the Produce ITCom eco-system has the opportunity to order a video business card for himself, his brand, and his activities.

Video card 59 sec. significantly increases the interest of potential customers and will attract their attention.
We recommend a video business card for your effective and quick demonstration and presentation.

"Example 1"

"Example 2"

"Example 3"

- How to attract new subscribers, customers, partners and get them to themselves and their business ???

1) Make your business card and order a video business card.
2) People visit your business card and receive high-quality content (filling) are interested in you and your activity, then they take business cards as a gift for themselves (by clicking on the button on your business card) and become your subscribers forever!
3) Visitors to your business card:
- or they will immediately be interested in you and your activity, and for this it is important to qualitatively fill your business card;
- or in the process of using the account of the Produce ITC eco-system, they, as your subscribers, will learn about you and your activity, and thanks to the video business card you will have an impressive effect on them!

To order, you must fill out an order form and pay.

The lead time depends on the complexity of the desired video, the duration of the video being ordered, as well as secondary factors arising in the process of corrections and adjustments. More details in the order form.

The price of making a video business card when ordering from an eco-system account is 10% more profitable from the market price.

Download order form here

1) Download the form and follow the steps
2) Send the text to TECHNICAL SUPPORT
3) Pay $ 100

The order will be completed from 1 to 5 business days