Partnership 50/50
Having done the work 1 time, you always get income.


1) You, as an intermediary, find - the point at which "IT Business Cards" will be sold.
Outlets can be applications, platforms, portals, services, clubs, projects, forums, social networks, etc. etc..

2) Agree with the administrators on the sale of "IT-Business Card" on their "site", on mutually beneficial conditions.
The sum of all sales of our products on their website, we share with them 50/50

The outlet receives + 50%
PRODUCE-IT.COM pays you as an intermediary 5%

You can connect a lot of "sites" (outlets) from all sales,
all products at all points, always receive your income.

You recommended to sell our "IT-business cards" on the site.
We connect the sale of IT business cards.

Agree as follows:

Greetings !!!

I ________ __________, the representative of the eco-system PRODUCE-IT.COM
I wish to cooperate with your brilliant club!

I propose to cooperate by selling innovative, patented IT products on your site.
- If 1,000 people. buy from you on the 1st VIP business card ($ 240)
of which $ 120 is yours,
get + 120.000 $ - your net income,

- If 10,000 people. buy from you on the 1st VIP business card ($ 240)
of which $ 120 is yours,
it turns out + 1.200.000 $ - your net income,

It is possible to sell innovative, patented IT products on your site.
   1. You get extra income.
   2. You equip your users with development tools.
   3. You acquire a PRODUCE-IT.COM partner in mutually beneficial promotion and development.

We distribute the cash collection from the sale of IT products as follows:
- to you as a seller of 50%,

For example :
1.000pcs for sale. VIP "IT-Businesscard" at a price of $ 240
Total income $ 240,000
- to you as a seller of 50% (+ $ 120,000),
- PRODUCE-IT.COM 50% (+ $ 120,000).

* they can buy not only one at a time, but at 2pcs, 3pcs, 4pcs, 5pcs.,

* 2nd VIP product "Info-sphere" at a price of $ 1,200 which is 5 times more profitable.

* There are 8 more products and services, which means that sales will occur repeatedly and systematically.

We are connected like this:

      Create a sales page on your website:
- 3 clips about a business card,
- some selling text
- Buy button VIP $ 240
      Send news, promote a new product to customers.

We interact like this:

- PRODUCE-IT.COM generates 20 promotional codes to activate "VIP IT-Businesscard"
and forwards to your e-mail.
- You have promotional codes on the selling page.
- When 10 of the 20 promotional codes were sold, then you transfer 50% of the cash from the sale of 10 promotional codes to the PRODUCE-IT.COM account and that generates the following 10 promotional codes, etc. So you always have in reserve 10 promotional codes.

The purchase is as follows:

- Visitors to your site see the banner in their accounts and on the main page of the site, and also receive a newsletter with news about innovative, patented IT-products. By clicking on the banner the user goes to the "Selling page":
- reads the selling text,
- watching videos about "IT-Businesscard",
- pays $ 240.
After payment, he opens a promotional code and a button to go to receive and configure "IT-Businesscard".

Commercials on the selling page

"IT Products"

"Bonus program"

"Shares of company turnover"

Partnership Benefits

1. Good extra income for you.
2. All your users are equipped with development tools.
3. Partnership in mutually beneficial promotion and development.
- PRODUCE-IT.COM on your website declares your website a Partner and adds it to the PARTNERS section with a recommendation to join your website.

We start right now, do not put it off the bat!


Connect the outlet 1 time,
and you always get income
from all payments at this point,
without the cost and fuss.

You can connect outlets as many
and always from all sales you get an intermediary of 5%!

Option 2

- You can buy promotional codes for half their price and sell for the full price.

For instance:
1) Top up your account in your PRODUCE-IT.COM account with $ 108
2) Send the internal $ 108 to ID1 account marked "4 promotional codes for the COMFORT IT business card"
3) Get 4 promotional codes for the COMFORT IT business card and sell them for $ 54,
4 x $54 = $216 - $108 (your purchase price) = $108 (your profit).

You help a person create an account and a business card, and then everything is as in regular trade - buy for 50%, sell for 100%.