Everyone can find a point where "IT Business Cards" can be sold.
Points can be applications, platforms, portals, services, clubs, projects, forums, social networks, etc. etc..

To do this, you need to agree with the administrator of the point on the sale of "IT Business Cards" on their "site", on mutually beneficial terms.
The sum of all sales of "IT-Business Cards" on their website, we share with them 50/50, and to the one who has agreed 5% of all sales.

For example, 1,000 VIP business cards were sold at the outlet at a price of $ 100 = $ 100,000:
* The point keeps 50% for itself (50.000 $)
* At PRODUCE-IT.COM 50% (50.000 $)
* The intermediary receives from PRODUCE-IT.COM ($ 5.000)
A reseller can connect many "sites" (points) and from all sales, all products at all points, always receive their 5%.

Agree like this:

Greetings !!!
I AM ____  __,
I propose to cooperate by selling innovative, patented IT products on your website.
- If 1,000 people will buy from you for the 1st VIP business card ($ 100)
of which $ 50 is yours,
it will turn out $ 50,000 - your net income,

- If 10.000 people. will buy from you for the 1st VIP business card ($ 100)
of which $ 50 is yours,
you get $ 500,000 - your net income,

   1. You get additional income.
   2. You equip your users with development tools.
   3. You are partnering with PRODUCE-IT.COM in mutually beneficial promotion and development.

* IT Business Cards can be bought not only one at a time, but 2 pieces, 3 pieces, 4 pieces, 5 pieces,
* 2nd product VIP "Info-sphere" at the price of $ 500 - 5 times more profitable.

We connect like this:
1) Create a selling page on your website (we have materials)
2) Send news, promote a new product to your customers.

We interact like this:
PRODUCE-IT.COM generates 20 activation keys for "VIP IT Business Cards" and sends them to your e-mail.
On your selling page, a person buys a key and goes to the PRODUCE-IT.COM website to get his business card.
When 10 out of 20 keys are sold, then you transfer 50% of the proceeds from the sale of 10 promotional codes to the PRODUCE-IT.COM account, and that generates the next 10 promotional codes, etc.
This way you always have 10 keys in reserve.

The purchase goes like this:
Visitors to your site see the banner in their accounts and on the home page of the site, as well as receive a newsletter with news about innovative, patented IT products. By clicking on the banner, they go to the "Selling page":
After payment, they are presented with a key and a button to proceed to receiving and setting up "IT Business Cards".

Let's start right now!
I'm waiting for an answer.


The intermediary connects the outlet 1 time (does the work 1 time), and you always receive income from all payments at this outlet, without costs and fuss.
You can connect as many points as you like and you always get 5% of all sales as an intermediary.

Ask questions to technical support.