"PROMOTION 21 - 22"

Invite clients to business cards and get income by binar + all gifts !!!

 Promotion starts:
 from 1.04.2021 for those who are already registered,
 from the moment of registration for beginners.

=== LEVEL 1 ===
Everyone who in the first 30 days from the start of the promotion will earn a binar + $ 125
GIFT "Dinner for two in a restaurant" or cash equivalent $ 50

=== LEVEL 2 ===
Everyone who in the next 30 days from the date of completion of "LEVEL 1" will earn a binar + $ 500
GIFT "Samsung Galaxy A12 64GB Smartphone" or the cash equivalent of $ 200

=== LEVEL 3 ===
Everyone who in the next 60 days from the date of completion of "LEVEL 2" will earn a binar + $ 5.000
GIFT "Holidays in Turkey for two, 5 *, UAI" or the equivalent of $ 2.000

=== LEVEL 4 ===
Everyone who in the next 90 days from the date of completion of "LEVEL 3" will earn a binar + $ 50,000
GIFT "Car Suzuki SX4 1.6 MT (117 ks) GL 2021" or the cash equivalent of $ 20,000

=== LEVEL 5 ===
Everyone who in the next 60 days from the date of completion of "LEVEL 4" will earn a binar + $ 200,000
GIFT "VOLVO XC60 Car" or the cash equivalent of $ 80,000

=== LEVEL 6 ===
Everyone who in the next 90 days from the date of completion of "LEVEL 5" will earn a binar + 1.500.000 $
GIFT "Luxurious villa in Cyprus" or the cash equivalent of $ 600,000

For all registered users of PRODUCE-IT.COM, the promotion starts from 1.04.2021.
For everyone who registers with PRODUCE-IT.COM from 1.04.2021, the promotion starts from the moment of registration.

Any user in any status can participate in the promotion:
- motivate your existing customers to pay for business cards;
- invite new customers to a business card and help them pay for business cards.

If the user earns a binar in the appropriate period of time, the corresponding amount, then he contacts Technical Support (below on the site), receives his gift and congratulations in the News section on the site, social networks groups, channels, e-mail newsletter.
The winner's congratulations are sent with a link to his business card, so the owner of the gift gets additional advertising for his business card.


Срочно и внимательно 
смотрите и слушайте !!!

"Мега выгодно и прибыльно"
 с 12.03.2021

Презентация (11 минут) -


Воспользуйтесь "Акцией 17" от Diplex Group
для создания своих реферальных структур в Diplex bot, на новой бирже, в Produce

Посмотрите ролик ( 50 сек.) и действуйте -

Покупаете на 40$  - 1.000 монет "Diplex coin" которые:
1) Постоянно растут в цене ( в декабре будут по 1$ )
2) Майнятся +25% в месяц ( кол-во монет возрастает )
3) +Сразу же получаете подарок от Produce по цене 54$ 

Зачем это вам ?
1) Cоздадите себе пассивный доход +25% в мес. Пусть работают деньги на вас, а не вы на них. 
2) Получите подарок от Produce по цене 54$.
3) Расшевелите с помощью этой акции свои команды и заведёте их за собой в бот и на биржу.

Как действовать ?

С 28.09.2020 по 28.10.2020 
1) Купите 1.000 dlx по АКЦИИ 17 на

2) Поcтавьте в БОТ на майнинг +21% мес.

3) Заполните форму по ссылке и получите подарок

Есть вопросы - задавайте скорее.
Не теряйте момент 
Мои контакты на визитке -


Используйте эту Акцию для создания своих структур

* Приглашайте всех вокруг на эти плюшки в свою структуру.

* Берите текст который выше, меняйте ссылки на свои реферальные, рассылайте и создавайте свои структуры в 
в Diplex bot, на новой бирже, в Produce


In the period from 20.09.2020 to 20.10.2020 inclusive
Pay for your business card at the "COMFORT 54 $" tariff and get 21 promotional codes for the "STANDARD 5 $" tariff.

You paid for a new or renewed an old business card + received 21 promotional codes for $ 105.

Gift promo codes:
* do not have an expiration date
* can be used on any account
  Therefore, you can
- keep yourself for an unlimited period,
- apply for your business cards,
- give to any person,
- sell to any person.

As a result:
  You can attract partners to use business cards by presenting them with a promotional code and suggesting how to use it.
  You can pay for a business card for $ 54, and sell 21 promotional codes for $ 5 and get + $ 105

By attracting people to use business cards, you create your own international partner network from which you receive rewards from 5 levels and withdraw money from $ 5 within a day.

Take action !!!
Develop, advance, earn !!!

1) The 2nd type of business card "Prestige" is already functioning.

2) VIP rates improved:
Business card 100 $ / 24month
Info-sphere 500 $ / 24months

3) Improved rewards:
20% from 1st level
   5% from the 2nd level
   5% from 3rd level
   5% from 4th level
15% from 5th level

4) Withdrawal of money from $ 5 within 24 hours.

5) VIP share of the company's turnover increased 10 times !!!
- From 29.08.2020, the VIP share of the company's turnover for each VIP product is 1 / 50,000 and is charged on the 1st day of each month.

"Presentation 1.09.2020 (11 min.)"