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Presentation 09/21/2021
"IT Business Card" [PRODUCE]

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"IT Business Card" [PRODUCE]

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"IT Business Card" [PRODUCE]

Presentation 09/20/2021
"Ads Platform International" [API]

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"Ads Platform International" [API]

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"Ads Platform International" [API]
Congratulations to Oleg Matkovsky on receiving the 2nd promotion gift
We send Oleg a SAMSUNG smartphone worth $ 200
We wish Oleg to receive the next gift as soon as possible
"Rest in Turkey 5 * UAI" worth $ 2.000

Get involved in the process
invite people
make sales,
build your endless binar,
Get your good income + all the gifts for the promotion.

Earn $ 30,000 in 5-6 months
in a generous binar (50% from a pair of payments).

The money is yours, you earned it !!!
+ GIFT new car

There will be three more gifts on the way to this gift:
- Dinner at the restaurant
- SAMSUNG Smartphone
- Rest 5 * UAI in Turkey

*** Promotion until 04/01/2025 !!!
- this means that there are 4.5 years
to make a lot of money


Обмен внутрянки PRODUCE на DIPLEX COIN

Видео-инструкция по ссылке:

У кого есть Диплекс бот,
тот за 1 минуту может оформить заявку
и в течении суток получить монеты в свой бот по официальному курсу.

* Любая сумма которая у вас есть в PRODUCE - обменивается на DIPLEX и приходит к вам в бот.

* Если у вас не активирован бот - спрашивайте у вашего пригласителя !

* Если ваш пригласитель не отвечает, активируйте бот по ссылке:


!!! Mega news, action, promotion !!!

1. VIP business card for $ 33
2. Promotion without restrictions
3. PROMOTION - "100% Cashback"

+ Save $ 27
+ Get 50% from binar
+ Receive gifts in the promotion
+ Get 100% cashback - $ 33 in DLX