Представляем вам наших стратегических партнёров !

1. "GRAND COMMUNITY" - Новый проект из Казахстана, с нужным для каждого обучением !

* Стартовал 7.12.2020 !!!
* Очень хорошо идёт !!!
* Цена старта с 0,15$ !!!
* Шикарный план вознаграждений !!!

1) Откройте себе кошелёк PAYEER -

2) Пополните свой PAYEER на 100 рублей -

3) Входите по ссылке и стартуйте -

* Если не знаете как пополнить кошелёк PAYEER - спросите в поиске You Tube,
там миллионы видеороликов, смотрите и повторяйте.

с 7.12.2020 по 31.12.2020вкл. - у кого будут активны:

3шт. IT-визитки по тарифу "VIP" (50$)
3шт. Инфо-сферы по тарифу "VIP" (250$)


* Если у вас уже есть VIP продукты, докупите чтобы у вас в сумме получилось: три VIP Визитки и три VIP Инфо-сферы и тогда вы станете счастливым обладателем NEW VIP доли.

Тот получает:
1. Экономию 150$ на визитках и 750$ на Инфо-сферах.
2. Премиальную "NEW VIP" долю ежемесячных начислений*
3. Золотые треугольники в 2-х бесконечных бинарах по IT-визиткам и Инфо-сферам, с начислениями из бинара 50%.


Презентация 6.12.2020 (12 мин.) -

Акция "NEW 1000 VIP" (5 мин.) -  

Промо ролик "NEW 1000 VIP" (58сек.) -  

Подробнее внизу сайта - в разделе "NEW 1000 VIP"

"Binary System" has started today

with a real, demanded, innovative product

and endless earnings!

If you started using your IT business card before 11/01/2020 then:

1. Enter the link
2. Click "Login"
3. Select "Forgot password"
4. Enter the e-mail that you have in PRODUCE
5. A letter "Create password" will be sent to the e-mail
6. Set your password and login with your e-mail and password.

* The account is already ready.
* Structure moved from PRODUCE.
* Binar is activated.

Video clip
"Binary System Review" - 

If you started using your IT business card after 11/01/2020
or don't use yet:

* Rather ask for the link to the "Binary System" from the one who told you about it!

Add to all channels, chats, groups and stay up to date with the news.
Hello !

The prelaunch preparation and testing of the system went well. A telegram bot is connected to the system

(this screenshot shows how payments are received from the binar - ),

there will be a vibe bot.

This bot will tell each user:
- About new registered
- About new receipt of funds
- About translation
- About any news

* You can connect the bot in the Profile section.

We will announce the start at any time!
Keep up to date with the news.

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In connection with the arrival of large teams, improvement and optimization of the system, it was necessary to switch to better servers.

- The servers will be better, which means the performance is higher and more reliable.

- The interface will be nicer and more convenient.

- Your teams and places in structures will remain 1: 1.

This transition will take some time, we cannot say for sure how long. Therefore, in order to avoid promises "tomorrow will be", we do not announce a specific date, but will warn you 24 hours before 100% start.


So that the wait does not seem long to you, we are announcing the pre-launch "PROMO-ACTIONS".


* Pay for a business card at PRODUCE at the "Comfort 54 $" tariff
* Get:
1. Extension of a business card for 1 year.
2. Promo code for "Comfort 54 $"
3. Place in Binar 54 $

* Write a constructive comment, like, subscribe to the YouTube video:
* Add to all chats, groups, channels by clicking on the icons on this page:
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1. Promotional code for the "Standard 5 $" business card
2. Place in "Binar 5 $"

* Pay in PRODUCE "Info-sphere $ 500".
* Get:
1. Prepaid Info Sphere and Admin status.
2. VIP status in PRODUCE.
3. Promo codes 3 × 5 $, 3 × 54 $, 3 × 100 $.
4. Activated triangles in the upper positions of binars $ 5, $ 54, $ 100.
5. Status "Admin" in a binary system with the ability to resell any place in the structure to any user of the binary system.

Promotions are valid only until the start!
We will announce the start in groups, chats for 24!
Keep up to date with the news.

Get involved in the active use of business cards and their promotion!
Earn good money from endless binar!