The provider does not refund due to the fact that:

- Each user receives the service as a gift for 21 days and only after testing, checking and acquaintance makes payment, which means that the user has a clear understanding, firm intention and his own desire.

- Each user receives a generated IT product which is a product of the IT system, which means that the service has been provided.

Note !

In the case when the user no longer needs the paid and provided service, and he wants to compensate for his expenses, he can re-register (resell) his account to any other individual.

- A request for transferring an account must be submitted to the support service.

- The price of providing the service of reissuing an account is $ 50.
- For correct delivery and processing of a request, it must contain:
1. Description of the reason;
2. Data of the account owner who wants to transfer the account;
   - Account ID
   - e-mail;
   - Full name.;
   - phone number.
3. Data of the future account owner who wants to accept this account;
   - e-mail;
   - Full name.;
   - phone number.
4. Transaction data of an internal transfer of $ 50 to 
account [ ID 1 ] with the purpose of payment "Account reissuance"

Each request is considered carefully and privately, so approval for renewal lasts from 3 to 7 days, after payment for the service of renewal of the account $ 50.

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