"IT Flyer" (Recruiter)

This is an interactive landing page working on the principle of a selling script.
- The user fills out a questionnaire in his account with extracting questions and saves.
- The visitor who visited the IT flyer sees a pleasant background and questions animated with special effects.
Answering questions, the guest gets involved in the sales funnel and approaches to becoming a subscriber and client of the user who set up the IT flyer.

The tool is visually and functionally designed so that the user can configure it as easily as possible, and the guest as soon as possible becomes the subscriber and client of the user.

"IT flyer" is already in development. (start in beta version of the 2nd quarter of 2021)
Join the eco-system, create your network of subscribers, encourage subscribers to understand and join the development process, and by the time the IT-Flyer is put into operation, you will already have a ready-made network of users.

All products and services of the PRODUCE-IT.COM eco-system complement and enhance each other's effect!

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