A unique invention with a host of benefits stemming from demand !

This is not only a convenient, stylish, interactive business site of the third millennium, but also an information field into which a subscriber from your business card is immersed and managed by you as the “Admin”.


Imagine that you are an "Admin":
- Use a convenient, stylish, interactive business website;
- Brand it for yourself or your activity;
- Administer, manage, post information;
- Publish news about yourself, your products and services;
- Chat with subscribers, customers, partners in the chat;
- Plan and announce webinars, free or paid;
- Post video lessons from yourself, for free or for a fee;
- Send letters to subscribers of your information sphere.
Thus, you own an innovative tool for promotion and development.



What are the main benefits?

1. Everyone who has become a user of an IT business card upon your recommendation and invitation will never leave your information field since your invitee will be permanently assigned to your information sphere.

2. All those who were invited by your invited and invited by their guests, etc. ad infinitum being in the status of "Agent" and "Client" - also forever attached to your info-sphere.

3. Subscribers of your information sphere are immersed in your information field.

4. Subscribers of your information sphere see only your information, not a social network with a mass of advertising, spam, outsiders with their offers, but only you and your information sphere with your activity and your information field!

5. You can create a lot of info-spheres on different topics and each one comes with a business card!

The information sphere, together with the business card, forms a highly effective, functional business mechanism for attracting, involving and supporting clients, partners, and subscribers.

"Info sphere"

     STANDARD     25$ / 1month                                    
COMFORT     110$ / 6months ( saving   +40$)

       VIP           170$ / 12month ( saving +130$)

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