Demanded and expected product
based on natural, practical demand !



"IT business card"

It is impossible to lose, the possibility is excluded that the business card will become unusable and will look bad, and this may adversely affect the reputation and general impression of you and your business.
Bright business card templates will save time and money on design development and be memorable.

Now, when changing personal information, type of activity, office address and other data, you do not need to retype all business cards, since you change the data in a couple of minutes and they are instantly displayed on the business card in a new form.

The ability to always stay in touch with old customers, partners, thereby increasing revenue.

Also, the electronic version of the business card will allow you to be in the trend, as in itself is part of innovative progress.

An IT business card is also an Eco-Friendly product, as its appearance will significantly reduce the production of paper products, which in turn will reduce tree felling.


And many other advantages suggesting that this product was expected and desired.
Therefore, when a potentially demanded product arises, it is picked up by users and is widely and massly put into operation.

No need to worry that the business card will be lost or become worthless, as this is impossible.
Always bright, because it never wrinkles, does not wear out and does not get dirty.
Always with you, because you have it in your phone, and the phone is always with you.
Always prestigious, as novelty and innovation is a fresh wave of success.
It’s always green because you don’t need to use paper to destroy trees
Always civilized, does not clog the streets, unlike paper business cards and flyers.
Always relevant, because your data on an IT business card changes per second.
It is always unique, since the address of your business card is your phone number.

Get an IT business card in an elementary way:
- enter the site
- select a template, fill and save.

With an IT business card you will always make a lasting impression, as well as achieve increased sales and expansion of your enterprise. In the business card you can specify all your data, and this is a phone, email, social networks, messengers, any contacts that may be useful to your partners, friends, colleagues! Which will significantly save your time and allow you to concentrate on basic matters.

Tempting, isn't it?

The big advantage is that everyone who has your IT business card will never lose your contacts, even if you suddenly change your data, then in one second everyone will see the updated data on the business card. A business card on paper may become outdated, which may lead to the loss of some customers who cannot contact you!

Send your IT business card to friends, acquaintances, colleagues and partners.


STANDARD                5$ / 1month             
COMFORT           22$ / 6mon. (+8$)
*                 33$ / 12mon. (+27$)

* 1st day of each month, 25% of the total sales on the site for the previous month,
distributed over 10,000 VIP accounts.