1.Using link
In the "BUSINESS CARDS" section under the template, the share icon is on the far right.
Click on the icon - copies the "link to your business card" to the clipboard,
then insert it into any messenger, letter, social network and send.

2.Using QR code
Go to your business card using the "link to your business card" and take a screenshot of the QR code.
You distribute a screenshot of the QR code as an image in social networks, adding a little text encouraging the reader to scan the QR code,
go to your business card, register, etc.

3.Using the address
From the moment you create and save your business card, the search engine indexes it and adds it to the search results, this process can take from 2 to 20 days and depends on 2 factors:
1. From how fully you filled your business card (so that all buttons work, without errors in the text).
2. From the search engine - how quickly it will do its job of indexing and issuing.
When the business card appears in the search, tell the person your unique business card address - your phone number in the international format
where the letter of your choice appears in front of the number instead of the plus sign (+).