Tokens are purchased for activation codes for IT products
which can be sold retail and wholesale at any price.

Doing business requires tens of thousands of dollars:
- premises
- interior
- clients
- expendable materials
etc. etc.

There are new opportunities in the 21st century -
"Use a ready-made business model"

- International, legal company
- Digital assets
- An IT product that everyone needs
- Guaranteed 132x benefit

In which business is it possible to get a margin of + 13.200% (132 times)?
You can buy 100 tokens for staking and get 400 tokens in 300 days.
Purchase 400 tokens for 400 "sets" of activation codes for IT products
(1 "set" is 1 "IT business card $ 22" + 1 "Info-sphere $ 110")
and sell them at any price.


We reveal a secret for you:

There are job sites,
there are many people looking for work,
they know how and want to sell.

If the seller sells 1 set "IT business card + Info sphere" for $ 132 per day,
you get $ 3.960 / month.

If you give the seller a 50/50 piece rate
then he will earn $ 1.980 / month. and will bring you $ 1.980 / month.

If there are 3 ... 5 ... 10 such sellers ..
calculate how much income this business will bring from the sale of IT products.