"How Infinity Binar works"

"Infinity binary" is an algorithm for calculating bonus points, in which the inviter is credited when paying for the product in his left and right spillover.

"Spillover" is a chain of clients that are attached one after another to an infinite length

- If you do not have an active VIP product then you get 30% from the binar
- If you have an active VIP product then you get 50% from the binar

Infinity Smart Binary ( 7 мин.)

You can use the bonus points received under the affiliate program for:
Transfers to accounts for any other clients;
Payment for IT products;
Sales back to the system - "Withdrawal" from $ 5 (time limit 24 hours)

Attention !!!
To be placed in a binar, you must pay for the product.
Product activation with a promotional code is not a payment, since no money is received and therefore the place in the binar is not activated.

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