"Binary System" is an "online store", a partner of PRODUCE-IT.COM that sells promotional codes for activating IT-Business Cards on PRODUCE-IT.COM. You buy a promotional code in the store, when you pay, 50% of the funds are distributed in binaries for rewards, then you use this promotional code to prolong the validity of your business card in PRODUCE-IT.COM.

"Promo code" is a thing that you can use to renew your business cards, gift, sell at their nominal price and get your money back. The promotional code has no expiration date, it does not disappear and can be stored as long as you like.

"Binar" is a reward distribution system, it is activated by paying once and for all, ie when you buy a promotional code for a "STANDARD" business card in the Binary system, then "Binar 5 $" is activated. Binar is activated after 1st purchase FOREVER! By building your structure in a binar, you create an endless source of income.

In "Infinity Binar" all your invitees become spilovers, 1st to the left, 2nd to the right, 3rd to the left, 4th to the right, etc.,

and everyone who is invited by your people is also 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, etc. an odd invitee gets into your spilover, and those also have all odd ones in your spilover, even ones in their internal spilover, and so the spilovers grow indefinitely, and thanks to these joint team efforts, you receive payments when paying on the left in the spillover and on the right in the spillover forever !!!

 In linear binary marketing, a scam is possible. when you go below the 8th level, there is no longer enough money to pay to all the higher-level ones, and with the "infinity binar" payment in the left and right spillover - payment up and so is infinite !!!

"Infinity Binar" - a binar without restrictions on levels, payments, periods. Full freedom.

There are three binars in the "Binary System":

"Binar 5 $" - Purchase a promotional code for activating a business card under the "STANDARD" tariff plan (1 month).

"Binar $ 54" - Purchase a promotional code for activating a business card under the "COMFORT" tariff plan (12 months).

"Binar $ 100" - Purchase of a promotional code for activating a business card under the "VIP" tariff plan (24 months) + a share of the company's turnover


For instance:

A person pays for "Binar 5 $" and receives a promotional code for an IT business card "STANDARD" + activates an endless binar.

He can use the promo code to pay for his IT Business Cards, donate, sell, and "Binar 5 $" is now forever active, it does not need to be renewed, it always works.

We invite people and build our endless source of income.

Payment of $ 2.5 for each payment of $ 5 in left and right sawlovers.

Withdrawal of money from $ 5 within a day.

The system automatically puts everyone in a short spillover to make a pair and payout.

To receive income from
 "Binar $ 54" and "Binar $ 100"
you need to activate each one by purchasing a promo code, that is, by paying for a binary, you not only activate it for endless earnings, but also acquire a promo code to activate a business card -
54 $ (12 months),
$ 100 (24 months) + a share of PRODUCE-IT.COM turnover from the income from the sale of all business cards.

A promo code is a thing that you can use for your business cards, donate, sell at their nominal price and get your money back. The promotional code has no expiration date, it does not disappear and can be stored as long as you like.

Binars are a system of earning, they are activated once and for all, i.e. if you buy a promotional code for a "STANDARD" business card (1 month) it does not mean that you need to buy in a binar every month. Binar is activated after the 1st purchase FOREVER !!!

In connection with the launch of the "Binary system for the development of IT business cards"

1) Gifts * to everyone !!!
* Activation of "Infinite Binar 5 $"
* Promo code for a business card "STANDARD 5 $"
- everyone who asks a question at the briefing and leaves a positive comment under the video of this briefing.

2) Payment by bonus points from PRODUCE !!!
Everyone who has an account at PRODUCE-IT.COM
can activate in the new system with internal bonus points from PRODUCE:

3) Those who prepaid "Info-sphere"
Golden triangle * in three binars as a GIFT !!!

* Three accounts, one above and two below with activated three binars
+ three promotional codes "STANDARD 5 $" (1 month)
+ three promotional codes "COMFORT 54 $" (12 months)
+ three promotional codes "VIP 100 $" (24 months) + a share of the company's turnover.

This cash flow is already gaining momentum, many are already reserving places in the binar !!!

On October 29, 2020 at 15:00 (UTC + 2), the "Binary System" will start

* The company, following the ethics of doing business and taking care of its customers, maintains your entire structure and therefore in the "Binary System" you will have the same:
ID number,
that is, the entire structure will be preserved.

!!! BUT !!! your invitees can be activated in the binar before you for any reason, for example, your Internet connection will be turned off or you were busy and the like, and the system started.

Therefore, we recommend that you activate in advance, before the start, so that in the "Binary system" your binars are active from the very start and all your invitees are located in your binar, and not you in their binar.

!!! Activate a place in the binar before the start to keep your place in the structure, so that your invitees do not take a place in the binar above you !!!


To activate a place in binars with bonus points from PRODUCE-IT.COM:

1) Enter the section BUSINESS CARD.
2) Pay for any of your business cards for $ 5, $ 54, $ 100 if you do not have enough funds,
you can top up your account for the missing amount using the REPLENISH button in the ACCOUNT section.

You can pay only 5 $
or 5 $ + 54 $
or 5 $ + 54 $ + 100 $

- After payment within 24 hours you will receive an appropriate promo code $ 5, $ 54, $ 100, which you can use as you wish:
apply it to your business card, donate, sell.

- After the start of the "Binary System", you will enter a ready-made account which has preserved the structure and hierarchy from PRODUCE-IT.COM

As a result, you:
1) prolonged their business cards by paying for them.
2) received promotional codes that you can sell.
3) prepaid binar activation.

Super profitable!
If your invitees do the same, then you will also receive rewards in PRODUCE from 5 levels!

Look and listen very carefully !!!
Video clip 9 minutes

!!! If you paid for the "$ 5 binar", then you have secured your place in the structure only in the $ 5 binar, and in $ 54 and $ 100 binars your invitees can be activated ahead of you and go upstairs, that is, you will find yourself in their binary structure, they are not in yours.

- To gain a foothold in the structures of $ 54 and $ 100 binars, you must also activate them the sooner the better, no later than 10/20/2020.

Don't miss the moment and the opportunity to be at the top of all three binars!

Get involved in the cash flow with a real product!


At the pre-launch until 10/22/2020 everyone who asks a constructive question in the comments under the video - https://youtu.be/bwIGvMNEnMA

2 gifts !
1) Activation of "Infinite binar 5 $"
2) Promo code for the business card "STANDARD 5 $"

Join yourself and invite everyone, they will all receive gifts and they will all be on your team !!!

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