"Binary System" is an "online store", a partner of PRODUCE-IT.COM that sells promotional codes for activating IT-Business Cards on PRODUCE-IT.COM. You buy a promotional code in the store, when you pay, 50% of the funds are distributed in binaries for rewards, then you use this promotional code to prolong the validity of your business card in PRODUCE-IT.COM.

"Promo code" is a thing that you can use to renew your business cards, gift, sell at their nominal price and get your money back. The promotional code has no expiration date, it does not disappear and can be stored as long as you like.

"Binar" is a reward distribution system, it is activated by paying once and for all, ie when you buy a promotional code for a "STANDARD" business card in the Binary system, then "Binar 5 $" is activated. Binar is activated after 1st purchase FOREVER! By building your structure in a binar, you create an endless source of income.

In "Infinity Binar" all your invitees become spilovers, 1st to the left, 2nd to the right, 3rd to the left, 4th to the right, etc.,

and everyone who is invited by your people is also 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, etc. an odd invitee gets into your spilover, and those also have all odd ones in your spilover, even ones in their internal spilover, and so the spilovers grow indefinitely, and thanks to these joint team efforts, you receive payments when paying on the left in the spillover and on the right in the spillover forever !!!

 In linear binary marketing, a scam is possible. when you go below the 8th level, there is no longer enough money to pay to all the higher-level ones, and with the "infinity binar" payment in the left and right spillover - payment up and so is infinite !!!

"Infinity Binar" - a binar without restrictions on levels, payments, periods. Full freedom.

5.11.2020 "Binary system" started

with a real, demanded, innovative product and endless earnings!

If you started using your IT business card before 11/01/2020 then:
1. Enter the link
2. Click "Login"
3. Select "Forgot password"
4. Enter the e-mail that you have in PRODUCE
5. A letter "Create password" will be sent to the e-mail
6. Set your password and login with your e-mail and password.

* The account is already ready.
* Structure moved from PRODUCE.
* Binar is activated.

Video clip
"Binary System Review" -  https://youtu.be/KuFiUqMICvA  

If you started using your IT business card after 11/01/2020
or don't use yet:

* Rather ask for the link to the "Binary System" from the one who told you about it!

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