In the period from 20.09.2020 to 20.10.2020 inclusive
Pay for your business card at the "COMFORT 54 $" tariff and get 21 promotional codes for the "STANDARD 5 $" tariff.

You paid for a new or renewed an old business card + received 21 promotional codes for $ 105.

Gift promo codes:
* do not have an expiration date
* can be used on any account
  Therefore, you can
- keep yourself for an unlimited period,
- apply for your business cards,
- give to any person,
- sell to any person.

As a result:
  You can attract partners to use business cards by presenting them with a promotional code and suggesting how to use it.
  You can pay for a business card for $ 54, and sell 21 promotional codes for $ 5 and get + $ 105

By attracting people to use business cards, you create your own international partner network from which you receive rewards from 5 levels and withdraw money from $ 5 within a day.

Take action !!!
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