“Provider” - company “PRODUCE-IT.COM” OU (14733798)
Harju maakond, Tallinn, Nomme linnaosa, Rannaku pst 12, 10917, which provides the eponymous eco-system with products and services.

“Eco System" - the provider's website located at https://produce-it.com, consisting of the functionality and technologies created within its framework.

“User” - a person who has an account and uses the functionality of the site.

“Registration” - the user filling out the registration form located on the site by indicating the necessary information.

“Personal data” - user data that he provides during registration or in the process of using the site.

“Regulatory documents” - documents approved by the provider that regulate the relations of the provider with users, located on the website in the relevant sections - “Privacy Policy”, etc.

Agreement agreement

This agreement is available on the Internet at https://produce-it.com/accept and is a public offer of the provider.
The offer is addressed only to individuals who have reached 18 years of age.
This offer regulates the interaction of the provider and the user for access by the user to the system account and the use of its IP products and services.

The agreement is carried out by the user by performing actions aimed at creating an account in the provider's system.
By performing such actions, the user confirms that he is aware of all the terms of this agreement, which he accepts in full and agrees to abide by.

The agreement is valid from the moment of posting on the Internet at https://produce-it.com/accept
The user is aware that the content and terms of the agreement may change in time and volume at the discretion of the provider without the consent of the user.
The provider provides the user with an account in the system and the ability to use all its functions according to the tariff plans.
This agreement provides for both existing functions and any subsequent modifications to them in the future.
Rights and obligations of the parties
The provider undertakes:
Give the user the opportunity to open an account in the system.
Ensure the functioning of the system.
Use the user's personal data solely for the purpose of concluding this agreement.
Fulfill the conditions for accruing bonus points according to the reward plan.
Display all information on time.
Carry out internal transfers of bonus points without charging a commission.
Eliminate at its own expense within 14 days the flaws and errors of the system.
Monitor the security of the system and all user data.
User agrees:
Provide your real and relevant data in your account and in the system’s IP products.
Avoid profanity in all processes associated with the system.
Do not disseminate information types prohibited in the Internet space using the system, its IT products and services.
Do not use any devices or programs that may affect the operation of the system.
Help and improve the system by communicating your suggestions to the support team.
Provider has the right:
Modify at its discretion the contents and terms of this agreement at any time after prior notice to the user.
Suspend user access to the system account in case of violation of the terms of this agreement.
Delete information posted by the user in violation of the terms of this agreement.
Stop the system or restrict user access during maintenance or upgrades.
It is advisable to use bonus points in accordance with the established limits and standards
The user has the right to:
Use the system’s IP products under the terms of this agreement.
Suspend the user access to the system account in case of violation of the terms of this agreement and generally accepted rules.

Refuse to use the system, its products and services unilaterally.
Responsibility of the Parties

The parties are responsible for non-performance or improper use of the obligations assumed in accordance with the terms of this agreement. The provider is not liable in the event of a delay or failure of operations resulting from malfunctions of computer communications, electrical systems, the Internet connection, delays in the operation of banks, incorrect operation of transfer systems (not owned by the company), DOS attacks and similar situations that did not occur the fault of the provider.
The provider is not responsible for the authenticity of the information and content of users.
Dispute Resolution

In the event of disagreement or disputes between the parties to this agreement, a written claim is required. The claim is sent first as an internal message. Then, depending on the situation, the company sends instructions for further settlement of the dispute. The recipient of the claim must respond to the claim within 7 days about the possibility of resolving the issue.
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